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Fixed fee

Online lawyer conveyancing with all-inclusive, fixed fees – including searches/disbursements and GST.

Direct access to your documents at any time through your private web page.

Click the “Get A Free Quote” tab for an instant fixed-fee conveyancing quote. If you need to talk to our conveyancing solicitors, call us on 1300 136 386 to assist you.

100% Australian owned and operated law firm.

No gimmicks, just great service!


We have a streamlined efficient process, you can track the progress of your conveyance online and securely access your documents at any time.


  • Get an instant online quote 24/7 of the price we charge for our solicitor conveyancing service

  • Our service is available in all states and territories

  • We have 15 years + of online lawyer conveyancing experience

  • We offer online registration and access to documents 24/7




Get a free quote

Your quoted price is all inclusive, and all you’ll pay, unless you request additional work or services or extra work is required due to the particular characteristics of the property.  We always let you know in advance if that is the case.  We promise you won’t receive any nasty surprises. Our fixed fee conveyancing quote is all you’ll pay!

Register online

After you get your free conveyancing quote, we ask you to let us have your contact details and the address of the property you are buying or selling.  We ask you some questions about how you will finance the property and other details necessary for our work.  You “sign” our fees agreement and pay our initial payment online.  Then it’s over to our lawyers and conveyancers to get going with your conveyance.

Your personal web page

Once we have processed your registration,  you have instant access to your web page.  There you can access detailed information about buying or selling in your state/territory, our analysis of the Contract for Sale in your state/territory and our advice about property and GST.  We offer our services in the ACT, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, SA, NT and WA.  We chase up the agent to get a copy of your particular Contract or we order searches for your Contract if you are a seller.

Get your documents

All documents created during the lawyer conveyancing process are placed on your web page.  After we receive the Contract from the agent, we draft legal advice on your Contract and email it to you.  If we are preparing your Contract for your property sale, we place it on your web page so you can access it whenever required.  We also send it to your agent. We will then step through the conveyancing process for a professional and streamlined experience.