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About OzPropertyLaw

OzPropertyLaw.com® is the first legal practice in Australia to offer fixed fee conveyancing services online in every state and territory – NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, TAS, NT and WA. Now anyone with access to the internet can now arrange conveyancing online at a reasonable price regardless of their location or the location of the property.

For example, a person based in Western Australia can arrange conveyancing of the sale of their Sydney property through the OzPropertyLaw.com® website without setting foot back in Sydney.

Clients located overseas can arrange conveyancing for buying or selling property in Australia through the OzPropertyLaw.com® website. All work is done by solicitors and conveyancing professionals who are part of our national legal practice, so you know who you’re dealing with at all times. It’s straightforward, fixed fee conveyancing that’s convenient for you.

The OzPropertyLaw.com® Story

OzPropertyLaw.com® is the domain name of Ozpropertylaw Pty Ltd (ABN 51 097 904 786) which is an incorporated legal practice pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2006.

OzPropertyLaw.com® arose from the founders idea in late 2002 to harness the benefits of the digital revolution by delivering conveyancing services online to Australians. The founders of OzPropertyLaw.com® wanted to incorporate the ease of e-commerce into the practice of law.  The concept was to enable lawyers and clients to exchange information online, which would enable lawyers to carry out the legal work involved in conveyancing without sitting down across a desk with clients.  The efficiencies that were gained from carrying out the initial work online allowed an immediate benefit to  be passed onto clients in the form of lower conveyancing fees.  Also at the click of a button, the founders wanted clients to have access to the documents created during the conveyancing process.  This would not only be convenient for clients, but would also enable clients to review documents and give the lawyers instant feedback.

The founders recognized that the biggest challenge would be to ensure clients felt they had sufficient communication channels open to them with the lawyers – since they would not meet in person.  So they set up a system so that clients and lawyers could communicate not only on the OzPropertyLaw.com® website, but also through each client’s webpage, by email, by telephone and by SMS messaging.

Launching in June 2003, the founders released an online system to deliver conveyancing services to clients which were interactive and convenient for clients.   And that would also save clients money on conveyancing fees.  So fixed fee conveyancing quotes became an integral part of the online conveyancing system.  Clients wanted certainty about how much they would have to pay and the founders were determined to deliver that certainty.

Now more than a dozen years since it was established, the lawyers and staff of OzPropertyLaw.com® have carried out thousands of conveyances online.  OzPropertyLaw.com® remains an innovative legal practice that provides you with full service conveyancing online and at less cost than traditional legal practices.  This is possible due to our streamlined, online lawyer conveyancing system.  We offer you fixed fee conveyancing to suit your budget and to give you certainty about the amount you will pay us for our services.

OzPropertyLaw.com® is staffed by qualified lawyers and experienced conveyancing specialists. All our staff are fully insured and indemnified in all aspects of their legal practice.

Our founders speak regularly at online legal services and “new law” conferences about issues in online law firm service delivery to consumers; legal costs and online consumers; developments in UK conveyancing and lessons for Australia; the need for lawyers operating in the online environment to develop business skills; and attracting reviews from satisfied clients.

OzPropertyLaw accepts referrals from a wide range of property industry professionals and assures referrers of excellent service for their clients.