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Business Sale

When it comes time to sell the business you have built up over time, you may be feeling a little anxious about the process of sale.  Our business lawyers can assist you by taking care of all the legal aspects of your sale so that you can concentrate on the ensuring the business is in good shape for sale. Call us on 1300 136 386 for a free, fixed fee quote.

Steps in the Sale of Business Process

When you are preparing to sell your business and have set up an appointment with a business agent, get in touch with our business lawyers and we will guide you through the preparation of all the information we will need to prepare the Contract for Sale or Business Sale Agreement.

We will offer you legal advice about the options of selling the share in your company or of selling the business separate from the corporate structure.

We will then prepare the Sale Agreement and any ancillary documentation that may be necessary.  After we have discussed the documents with you, we will then compile the necessary information into the Sale Agreement.

We will manage negotiation of the legal terms and conditions of the sale with the purchaser’s legal representatives.  When both you and the purchaser are comfortable with the Sale Agreement, we will then ensure that any conditions precedent are fulfilled.

We will assist you to deal with any further due diligence enquiries from the purchaser and answer any legal questions that may arise.

Our business lawyers will represent you at settlement on the appointed day and time and will make arrangements with your bank on settlement.

If you will be continuing to work in the business as a consultant for any period of time, this will have been dealt with in the Sale Agreement and any collateral employment agreement that we will have prepared for you.

We offer you access to your documents throughout the process and prompt communications with your business lawyer.

Our business lawyers are responsible for preparing the sale documents in consultation with you and your staff.  You deal directly with your OzPropertyLaw business lawyer.

Fixed Fees and Free Quote

We know that you want certainty about what you will be required to pay for our legal services. After we have discussed the requirements of your sale with you, we will let you have a written fixed fee quote for our legal services.

We offer competitive fixed fees that are tailored to reflect the amount of work we will be required to carry out in relation to your business sale.  We understand that you will be concerned about the expenses involved in selling your business and we are able to offer fees based on our experience in preparing previous sale agreements and acting for small and medium business clients.

In the unlikely event that any unforeseen searches or expenses  may be necessary, we will discuss them with you before any action is taken to incur those expenses.

Feel free to call us on 1300 136 386 for a free quote and to discuss your sale with our business lawyers and solicitors.



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