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Case Study 2

Pressed for Time, Mr and Mrs Bob Felton, Continents Away, Retain® to Negotiate, Advise and Convey a Coveted New Australian Apartment

Mr and Mrs Felton are expatriate Australians who have been living and working in the United Kingdom for several years. Still Aussies at heart and interested in all things Oz, they became interested in a new residential property they discovered listed on the internet. It was a residential property off the plan development under construction in Canberra. After discussing the matter between themselves, they enquired of the real estate listing agent for more information. They liked what they heard about the location and amenities as described by the agent and made an offer for one of the apartments in the development. Their offer was a good one and was accepted by the development’s vendor.

Their next challenge was to determine how to conduct the property transfer from afar. The Feltons were not at liberty to travel back to Australia from the UK to supervise and participate in the property conveyancing. After doing a bit of internet research about how this might be accomplished, the Feltons discovered® online, and became convinced that the firm’s services and methods of communications were just what they needed to get the job done right. Mr and Mrs Felton then approached® to handle the entire conveyancing on their behalf. They wanted a fixed fee conveyancing service to do all the legal work for their purchase of the property in the ACT and one that could communicate with them quickly and easily in the UK. A brief and speedy negotiation and exchange of contracts were necessary to secure the apartment they wanted, as the real estate agent had told the Feltons other potential purchasers were interested in the property as well and might actually top their offer.® moved fast and obtained the contract for the sale from the agent. They reviewed the all of the elements and details of the contract and emailed appropriate legal advice to the Feltons in the UK. Within a few hours the Feltons responded to®, requesting a few amendments to the contract to reflect their preferences for colour and texture finishes in the fitout of the apartment.® quickly then took the lead and, representing the Feltons, they successfully negotiated the desired amendments to the contract with the seller’s solicitors. The contracts between both parties were exchanged the very next day. The Feltons got just the apartment they wanted and left all the matters involved in the conveyancing settlement to®, which would take place upon the completion of the apartment’s construction.

It proved to be just another® client story with the typical happy ending. All parties to the real estate transaction were satisfied and everything had come tgether in a timely fashion. Everyone sealed the deal with a smile, certain they had gotten exactly what they wanted–and then some– at a very fair price.

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