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Case Study 3

Mr Jason and Mrs Iris Brown Leave Town with the Aid of

Mr and Mrs Brown lived in Perth for some time, but had long planned on retiring to Tasmania. They had shopped and researched residential properties for a number of years. Finally they found just what they wanted, a lovely residential property in a great neighborhood, convenient to shopping, in Launceston, Tasmania on the website of a local Launceston real estate agent. Having done their homework online about conveyancing as well, they learned about® and they became convinced they could provide precisely the lightning fast services they needed. After discussing the details of their personal situation with respect to the property purchase with®, they registered with them for fixed fee conveyancing to transfer the property to their names.

The ticklish matter related to the Browns’ situation was that now, having finally selected their new retirement home, they were in a big hurry to take possession of it. They had overcome all of their remaining reluctance about moving on to Tasmania, and now were bound and determined to get on with the show! Time, they had decided, was very much of the essence.® understood their urgency and made an outstanding effort to be accommodating to them. They carefully reviewed the sale contract and emailed the Browns solid, insightful legal advice that would save them money and inconveniences down the line. After negotiating some disadvantageous points of the contract to favour the Browns instead,® proceeded to the exchange of contracts and began preparation for settlement.

Intending to hotfoot it to their new home with no delay, the Browns informed® that they post haste were going to drive from Perth to Melbourne and then take the ferry across to Tasmania. They would not have much time to jabber over contract complexities or to sit around in solicitors’ offices waiting for things to happen.® quickly rose to the ocassion, knowing they would only be able to have very limited communications with the hard traveling Browns for over a week in the lead up to the settlement. Despite this difficulty,® was able to communicate effectively with the Browns on the important pre-settlement issues by SMS and by phone when there was cell phone coverage.

The very day that the Browns arrived at last in Tasmania, the settlement took place in the afternoon, and the Browns stepped straightaway into their new home with no impediments, false starts or complications.® had expertly executed a smooth transfer of the residential property to the Browns and flawlessly taken care of the registration of all necessary documents. And the Browns started their new retirement life precisely where they wanted to be and according to their own timeline.

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