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Case Study 1

Fixed Fee Conveyancing, Easy Communications with the Conveyancer, No Required Travel Made Oz Property Law the Wise Choice for Mr. Wong

Mr Wong lives in southern NSW and was buying a residential investment property in Queensland. The property was subject to a Defence Housing Authority lease back. Mr Wong was a cash buyer and so no financial institution was involved in the transaction at his end. However, the seller had a mortgage over the property with a financial institution, which had to be discharged before the property could be transferred to Mr. Wong’s name.

Mr Wong had been searching for a fixed fee conveyancing solicitor in Brisbane to help him with his residential property purchase, which he intended to use as a real estate investment. He chose® because it offered him instant, easy communications with the conveyencer , and an Oz staff member would attend the closing as Mr. Wong’s legal representative, so he would not have to travel to Brisbane himself. This would have been very inconvenient for Mr. Wong given the fact that he lives in southern New South Wales, a great distance from Brisbane.® handled all aspects and details of the conveyancing process for Mr Wong, saving him a great deal of both time and money.® advised Mr Wong on the ramifications, obligations and other important elements of the lease, and carried out the legal transfer of the property to him. OPL also did all of the required title research for Mr. Wong and arranged the registration of the title in his name. They also interacted with the holder of the seller’s mortgage and arranged its discharge. An OPL settlement agent attended the realty transaction settlement in Brisbane in Mr. Wong’s stead, and assured that all of the conveyancing papers were in order and acceptable to Mr. Wong. Mr. Wong was very pleased with the smooth and attentive conveyancing service he received from®. He was especially delighted he obtained the services inexpensively and was spared the time-consuming travel and visits to solicitors’ offices, which would have been otherwise necessary.

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