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Lease agreements

Preparation of Lease Documents

As an owner of commercial property you want to ensure that your office or retail spaces remain rented and that you have reliable tenants.  Our lease lawyers can prepare the necessary documents and agreements for you.  They can also assist with negotiation of terms and conditions with lessees/tenants and their lawyers. And when it comes time to extend a lease, they can act on your instructions to ensure a smooth transition.

We offer fixed fees on the preparation of lease agreements and associated documentation. Please call us on 1300 136 386 during business hours or email us at for a free quote.

Issues for Owners of Commercial Property

Putting a successful leasing strategy in place means that you can have peace of mind.  However, there are a few issues to consider on the way to developing that strategy.  Here’s a few of them in our 12 point lease checklist:

  1. Are you willing to agree to a shorter length of lease of that suits the right tenant?
  2. Will you allow an option to renew the lease and if so, under what conditions?
  3. What changes will you allow the tenant to make to the property?
  4. In a competitive market, will you offer an incentive to attract the right tenants?  What form would that take?
  5. At the end of the lease, what are your expectations of the tenants?
  6. Will you allow the tenants to nominate another lessee if they cannot last the term of the lease?
  7. What would your requirements be for such a nominee?
  8. What signage will you allow the tenants to put up at the property?
  9. What outgoings do you want the tenants to be responsible for in addition to the monthly lease payments?
  10. Will you require the tenants to pay a bond or equivalent?
  11. If there’s a dispute, how will that be handled?
  12. How will you deal with common services in the building not working?

As you can see there are many issues to consider and it is only prudent to do so before you agree to lease out the premises.  Our lease lawyers will take you through the issues to ensure you enjoy a smooth leasing experience.

How we proceed to prepare your documents

When we sit down with you as the owner of commercial property, we take your instructions on what you wish to achieve with the lease.  We then advise on the appropriate terms and conditions to put your aims into place in the lease documents.

In preparing lease documents, it would assist us if the property owner could provide details of the property including size, fixtures and fit out, description of condition, and outgoings.

Whether your property is an office, a shop, or industrial property the correct legal documents will be required to ensure a trouble free commercial agreement for you. Our lease lawyers and lease solicitors will provide the necessary advice promptly to suit your situation.   We work with your commercial agents during the negotiations and then put in place the legal solution to achieve your investment goals.

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