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Lease Advice

Lease Solicitors –  advice about property leases for your business

We understand that entering into a commercial lease, office lease or retail lease is an important step for your business.  The lease documents are legally binding and you need to be sure you understand what you are getting into.  We can help by giving you advice in plain English that you can understand.

  • Prompt advice about the proposed lease
  • Your obligations explained in plain English
  • The landlord’s obligations set out clearly
  • Fixed fees from the outset – no hidden charges
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Issues in Commercial Leases

There so many issues to think about when you are about to sign a lease including:

  1. What length of lease will suit your business?
  2. Can you renew the lease and if so, under what conditions?
  3. What changes can you make to the property?
  4. At the end of the lease, do you have to put it back the way it was at the beginning?
  5. What insurance will you need to take out?
  6. Can you terminate the lease if it doesn’t suit your business?
  7. Can you put in another party in your place if you need to?
  8. What signage can you put up at the property?
  9. What costs will you be up for in addition to the monthly lease payments?
  10. Do you have to pay a bond or equivalent?
  11. What expenses will you need to pay in addition to the lease payments?
  12. What if you and the landlord can’t agree on an issue?

Your OzPropertyLaw lease solicitor will help you navigate these issues in the lease.  Your lease lawyer will carry out searches on the property to be sure that the landlord owns the property can offer you the lease.  Through that process you will become aware of any restrictions on what kind of business can be carried out from the property as this could impact on what you can do with your business.

The Lease Advice Process

First, we will discuss with you the business you wish to run from the property.  After your lease lawyer has a full understanding of what you want to achieve, s/he will then review the documents and then let you have lease advice.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the lease advice and then we will prepare to get together the items necessary for signing the lease and then exchanging signed leases with the landlord’s solicitors.

There is legislation designed to protect people renting certain commercial real estate in each state and territory in Australia.  If that is applicable to your situation, your lease lawyer will explain that legislation to you and how it may impact on your business and your use of the property. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the legislation and the advice.

Our fixed fees for commercial lease advice will be established at the start of the work on the lease.  In order to set the fixed fee we will need to see a copy of the proposed lease or the offer you have received from the commercial agent.  We can then discuss the state of negotiations with you and then let you have our fixed fee agreement.  Together we will negotiate a lease to suit your business.

Our experience was consistent and predictable.

Information was provided in a sufficiently timely manner.

Nothing got missed.